At Trenpa Therapy my aim is simple and that is to help you make the changes you want in life. People come to see my for many different reasons, no matter what your reason is I offer a warm friendly and confidential service.

I use Psychotherapy and Life Coaching to help free you to live a more authentic life, a life where you can have an understanding of your thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

I can help you to understand and overcome issues around depression and anxiety, drug or alcohol use, understanding and controlling anger, stress (at home or in the work place), relationship issues, and childhood trauma. I also provide therapy for people with many other difficulties, so if I have not mentioned something you are experiencing please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs further.

I am experienced in both short and long term work and although my approach is very much grounded within Psychotherapy I am able to use both Life Coaching and Mindfulness approaches. Being based in the heart of Manchester (Deansgate) and Bury (Ramsbottom) I am easily accessible from the whole of the Greater Manchester area.

So whether you have a specific issue you would like to work with me on or maybe you know something is ‘just not right’ but are unsure and would like to explore this further. The first step is often the hardest, so I will ensure you have a personal, warm and friendly reception when you contact me.




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