Seeking help to process the loss of a loved one

There are few things in life more emotionally painful than the loss of a loved one. At times the idea of overcoming grief can feel almost insurmountable and you may not even feel as though you want to move on. However, though grief is natural it doesn’t have to be debilitating. There are ways of coping with grief that are loving and respectful to the person you have lost as well as to yourself. If you would like some support, I am here for you.

Overcoming grief with psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can be of great benefit to anyone coping with grief. Feelings of grief, following the loss of a loved one, are completely natural and affect people in many different ways. If your feelings of grief are increasing with time, or becoming debilitating and you are noticing a decline in the quality of your own life, or your ability to ability to work or enjoy each day, then it could be time to seek help.

The sessions I provide at Trenpa Therapy are conducted with a gentle, loving respect for you and where you are at on your journey. Using psychotherapy we will look, together, at how your past experiences are influencing your current behaviours and feelings. Coming to me for support could help to aid the healing process and make coping with grief a little more manageable.

Your introductory session on coping with grief

I completely understand that seeking psychotherapy, or any kind of support following the loss of a loved one, can bring up difficult or uncomfortable feelings. I do my best to create a safe, welcoming space for you to come and get to know me and my practice.

My sessions are one to one and conducted in a cosy space, in either Manchester city centre or Bury. In your first session we’ll go through some basic details and you’ll have the opportunity to talk at your own pace about whatever you wish.

I am experienced at working with people to help them overcome or live more comfortably with their grief. Whatever action you decide to take, simply having read this far into an article about seeking help is an important step. I commend you for it and wish you well.


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