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Trenpa Therapy is the trading name of Dan Little, a psychotherapist and life coach in Manchester, Northwest England.

I work with people to offer therapeutic support, guiding them through whatever issues life has thrown at them.

We all have times in our lives when we need some support. Most often we get that from friends and family but there are occasions when almost everyone could benefit from seeking more structured support from a professional.

Whether you are experiencing anxiety, anger or stress, you are traversing relationship issues, suffering from unresolved trauma or even trying to overcome addictive behaviours, my services as an experienced psychotherapist and certified life coach could be just what you need to empower you toward change.

Psychotherapist and life coach Manchester

I operate my practice as a psychotherapist and life coach from Manchester, operating throughout Greater Manchester via a number of regional offices and further afield via Skype.

I have a centrally located office on Deansgate in Manchester city centre, as well as an office in Ramsbottom.

The best life coaches….

Different people would end that sentence in different ways but I believe that the best life coaches, and the best psychotherapists for that matter, are in the business of improving people’s lives.

That is my motivation.

I work with couples seeking relationship guidance, with business people suffering from stress and with individuals working to overcome hurdles such as addiction or phobias.

The thing that all of my clients have in common is a desire to make positive, lasting changes that put them in control and improve their quality of life.

As a qualified psychotherapist and a certified life coach I have a number of approaches I can draw on in order to help people. Whichever angle you wish to approach me from – psychotherapist or certified life coach – your journey begins by picking up the phone and making an enquiry.

You first appointment with a psychotherapist and certified life coach

My main aim is to provide a warm, inviting and comfortable space where you can take things at your pace. In your first session I will take some basic details from you, about what motivated you to come and visit me.

I understand that coming to see me for the first time can be daunting for people and I am sympathetic to that. I will do everything I can to make you feel comfortable as quickly as possible.

If you would like to know more about what I could do to help you, in either of my roles of psychotherapist or certified life coach, please take a look at the FAQ page of my website or, better still, get in touch.


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