The best life coaches will support you to achieve your goals

If you are feeling stagnant in your career, or perhaps feeling motivated but overwhelmed or lacking in guidance, professional life coaching could be an excellent form of support. Just as an athletics coach guides an athlete towards achieving their full potential in their sport, a properly certified life coach can work with people to help them achieve their potential in whatever area of life they choose to focus on.

How does professional life coaching work?

Life coaching is goal orientated. If you’re feeling stuck in any area of your life it could help you to find out what your blocks are and set you back on the path. Crucially, the best life coaches will also help you to uncover exactly what path you want to be on, assisting you to define a set of goals and then working with you to keep you motivated on route.

My aim is to help you make real and lasting changes in your life. If your career is the area you want to focus on, then let’s make a start, define what you want from your career and get going!

During your first appointment with me you’ll have lots of time to talk and tell me exactly what drove you to seek out a certified life coach, what your hopes are and what you’d like to achieve. Don’t worry if these things aren’t clearly defined for you right now. I can support you to find them out.

Above all, I aim to give everyone that comes to my practice a warm welcome and an attentive ear.

Why choose me as your professional life coach?

I have been a certified life coach for years and a brief look at the About Me page of my website will show you the range of qualifications and professional associations that I have to my name, giving you an idea of the depth of my practice.

As well as being a certified life coach with many happy customers to vouch for me, I am also a qualified psychotherapist. Psychotherapy and life coaching are complementary disciplines and being trained in each one adds to my skills in both areas.

If you are not sure whether you need a certified life coach or a psychotherapist that’s no problem either. A simple way to get a clearer idea is to consider that a certified life coach helps to get things moving forward – goals set and achieved – while a psychotherapist often encourages you to spend time investigating what is keeping you stuck, keeping you down or causing destructive behaviour patterns, in order to free yourself from these things.

Of course, simply contact me to discuss what it is you are seeking help with and I can advise you on which of the two disciplines it is best for us to work with. I’d love to hear from you.


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