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As a Psychotherapist and Life Coach I offer a professional and confidential service that will meet your individual needs. I view my role as being very simply to support you to effect the change you want in life. I fundamentally believe that everyone has the capacity to change. Whether you know what is it that you wish to be different in your life or you just know that something needs to change.

Maybe you are thinking about coming to see me because you are ‘feeling stuck’, experiencing issues that stop you moving forward, wanting to discover who you really want to be, being overcome by past events or wanting to optimise your life. No matter what your reasons I can support you to develop a better understanding around what it is you want.

I can help you,

  • Have more meaningful and healthier relationships.
  • To optimise your performance at work.
  • Understand and overcome repetitive and limiting patterns of behaviour.
  • Understand and overcome stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Understand why you think, feel and behaviour the way you do.
  • To understand and resolve complex life difficulties or trauma.


People come to work with me for more reasons than I am able to mention here, so please feel free to contact me directly to discuss how best I can support you.

With offices based in both Ramsbottom in Bury and Deansgate in the heart of Manchester City Centre I am easily accessible to anyone in the Greater Manchester Area.

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